Good Mood Thai Food

Nutrition & Health

Now more than ever, we know life is a balancing act. Some days you’re meal prepping before a 10k, some days you’re flat on the couch with a curry. We’re not telling you how to spend your days – we just want you to try and find some good in every one of them. Camile can cater to vegan, dairy/gluten-free, and omnivore diets, with certified nutritional information if you’re after that. Keep eye out for free yoga classes, cookery demos, and other events in your area! 

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Purpose & Intent

Amazing Thai food is not where our work ends, but nothing else exists without it. We make sauces from scratch and use use locally grown, grass fed Irish beef and pork, as well as local vegetables and herbs when in season. These help the environment – but they also taste better.

We started with one restaurant and slowly got bigger, one community at a time. We still feel aligned with local owners, which is why we’re committed to raising awareness about the way you order your delivery. Most people don’t know this, but most restaurants barely break even if you order through food delivery search engines. So please, order direct from all your favourites when you can!

Forward Thinking Lens

The world we’re living in doesn’t exactly make it easy to live sustainably, but we’re doing what we can to change that. Camile was the first Irish chain to switch to compostable delivery packaging, which means potentially taking millions of disposable packages out of incinerators and landfills each year. Over the years, we’ve switched to water-regulating woks, the most intensive recycling program available, averaging <1% food waste and regularly adding to our low-carbon footprint menu.