VEGAN/ VEGETARIAN: Any dishes marked with “V” are available as a vegan option. As with any kitchen, there is a chance of cross contamination but our Tofu is fried in new vegetable oil and we use separate woks to prepare vegan dishes.

CUSTOM MEAL: Please also note that if you order a custom meal (i.e. a meal not listed on our menu), or make any changes to a set meal, allergen lists may not apply”. Allergens that are present in each dish are listed beside the dish, so please ensure you inform us of any allergies.

GLUTEN FREE: Our gluten-free meals have been laboratory certified as gluten-free and are not handled in an open kitchen environment, to ensure cross contamination does not occur. While every effort is made to prevent cross-contamination with all other dishes, food is cooked to order in a busy kitchen environment, and as such we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur.

Camile Master Allergen Document_NOC_updated 6th March 2021
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