Camile franchise owner to open second restaurant in Swords


When Pramod Thankappan joined Camile Thai as a manager in 2011 little did he know he would be starting down a path that would lead to him being right in the middle of the booming hot food delivery market. With significant management experience in the food industry behind him he quickly established himself as the group operations manager of the fast-growing business. Seeing how the operation worked first hand made Pramod aware of how successful operating a franchise could work.

In 2013 Pramod secured the funding he needed to open his first Camile franchise in the Omni park in Santry and now is almost ready to open his second branch in Swords.

Talking about his history with the company Pramod said; ‘From my first few weeks working with Camile I knew it was a different business from the ones I had worked with before. It was offering the Irish market something it had been missing and I saw the potential there. When I was offered the chance to open my own franchise I didn’t hesitate and I’m proud to be opening my second in Swords later this year’

The benefits of being part of this rapidly growing industry is something that Pramod has become abundantly aware of ‘When I started I saw it as a business model that thrived in the Dublin market, the more I’ve seen this market develop the more you can see people’s attitude to food is changing worldwide. More traditional restaurants are giving way more and more to fast casual and delivery restaurants and it’s an exciting market to be a part of’

As well as operating his own business Pramod also currently operates as Camile’s Franchise manager liaising with other franchisees on behalf of the business. As a franchise owner and previous operations manager this puts him in a unique position of understanding both sides making him perfect for the role. On balancing both jobs he said; ‘Compared to the company role having my own business has a different set of demands but there is a different sort of freedom and having your future in your hand that I thrive in.’