Camile Thai Kitchen to land in Dublin Airport


We are thrilled to announce Camile Thai Kitchen is one of a series of Irish food brands to be opening new locations within a massive Dublin Airport renovation from concessionaires SSP. Our 32 locations are situated across Ireland and London, and with a scope for international presence in the near future, the Dublin Airport presents a perfect opportunity to connect with a worldwide audience. We will be situated in both terminals, providing food for those on both sides of departures and arrivals.

The new tender provided by SSP features a number of elements that fit in with our brand promise, namely the introduction of higher-quality food brands with a focus on sustainability. As you may remember, we recently made news by providing the first 100% compostable takeaway packaging in the country, and continues to provide lower carbon-footprint meals for guests including vegan and locally sourced dishes. Our bok choy and kale are grown just up the road from the airport in Rush, and with 100,000 people making their way through the airport everyday, Camile hopes to herald the unmatched quality of Irish ingredients while giving them a distinct Thai flavour.

“Being future-led is a key part of the Camile brand. That’s why we’re thrilled to be joining this revolutionary tender project from SSP,  which promises brand new sustainable initiative and a variety of top Irish food brands we’re truly humbled to be a part of,” says Daniel Greene, Camile’s Head of Marketing. “We’re working furiously to create new offerings to fit this faster-paced environment, along with all the Camile favourites our Irish fans miss when they’re away. We can’t wait to take it to the skies!”


Daniel Greene
[email protected]

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