How to Order Collection Safely during COVID-19


Having had time to reflect, we feel the time is right to re-open for collections with added restrictions (whereby guests will not be able to enter the premises). We will only continue to do this if we feel we can protect our guests and staff. This applies to the vast majority of branches - check your local branch status here.

For collection by foot, the following system will be enacted:

  1. Guest arrives at branch keeping safe social distancing on marked areas outside.

  2. Phones Camile to say they are outside (phone number of branch will be on a poster at the door). There will be a table across the doorway preventing guests from entering the premises. Payment must be arranged over the phone or through online ordering - no cash accepted.

  3. Collection order brought to front door put on table and customers name called out

For collection by car, the following system will  be enacted:

  1. Guest arrives at branch

  2. Phones Camile to say they are outside, where they are parked and description of car

  3. Collection orders delivered to boot of guests car (contactless transaction)

We are hopeful that this process will ensure a much better and safer process for both our staff and guests. Thanks for everyone's help and participation in this! Stay tuned for further updates.