We’re staying open for food deliveries, and hiring. Here’s why. 


There has been a lot of discussion in the last few days about what qualifies as an essential service. We’ve been listening to it all. We’ve seen shop after shop close in the name of public health, and have naturally been wondering where we fit in.

We’ve been inundated with messages asking for help delivering food to hospitals and front line service workers. We’ve donated 1,000+ meals already. If we could do this forever, we would, however we’ll be moving to a generous discount as well as continuing partnership with our friends @FeedTheHeroes. Being able to feed people who work around the clock a healthy from-scratch dinner instead of a frozen convenience meal feels like an essential service to us.

These messages haven’t just come from people on the front lines. We’ve heard from people at home with pre-existing conditions thanking us for staying open, because it’s not feasible for them to cook every meal at home.

All the same, our staff is our number one priority.  Team members who don’t feel comfortable working right now don’t  have to do so, and we encourage them to make the best decision for themselves.  That said, demand for our food delivery is high, and we want to keep serving people, whether after a day working from home, entertaining the kids or running services on the frontline. For all these reasons, we want to keep our locations open, ensuring peoples’ jobs both during and after the crisis.

We are now hiring for drivers, counter staff, and wok chefs to help with food deliveries. We continue to execute updated safety measures and a rigid protocol for sanitation, as keeping everyone healthy is our main concern. No direct contact with customers is required. If you’d like to do your part and join our team, please visit camile.ie/careers for more information or to apply.

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