Striking an alliance with Indy Power


A Quinoa Stir fry from Indy Power and Camile Thai.

Camile Thai’s menu is about to be stirred up with Quinoa and a little green spoon.

Clean eating blogger Indy Power has teamed up with us and created a delicious dish for our menu. It is Wok-fried quinoa with prawns, pineapple, red peppers, spring onions, pak choi, garlic, chilli, fried egg, cashew nuts all stir fried together in Indy’s signature curry sauce.

Can you say yum?

Indy’s dish will be available from Wednesday onward. So if authentic, honest-to-goodness, healthy food that will nourish your body and satisfy your tastebuds is your thing - then what are you waiting for?

Grab your little green spoon and dig in!

Order online HERE

Trinity graduate Indy has always enjoyed a passion for cooking and her blog The Little Green Spoon is evidence of that. Fans from all over flock to her collection of recipes, keen to try to recreate her tasty and guilt free concoctions.

Indy was swift in creating a name for herself with her blog and now proudly has over 37,000 followers on Instagram - her social media channel of choice.

Now with her first Little Green Spoon cookbook being published this autumn, we're set to see a lot more of Indy and her fresh approach to food.

Indy strives to embrace natural, nutritious and nourishing foods that don’t compromise on taste. And here at Camile Thai - we are no stranger to that philosophy!

Her recipes are greatly inspired by two things: her family and her love of travelling. With an American-Japanese heritage and family dotted all over the world, Indy is a regular globe trotter.

Hawaii, Mexico, Japan and Thailand are just a few of the countries she’s visited - and she always makes sure to check out the cuisine while she’s there!

As she told the Irish Independent, "It's really cool to see how they do it there, as opposed to how we think they do it here."

Camile Thai.