Share your food share the love.


New sharing deal at Camile Thai. Only €40

Thai culture is all about sharing your food and sharing some good conversation. The meal is an event, an occasion and it is where people come together to discuss the issues of the day and work out the little issues over some delicious food.

We love this in Camile Thai. We are all about sharing and togetherness over food. That is why we have come up with what we think is the perfect sharing deal for your family and friends.

So what is this great meal deal? Well, it's any 3 main courses (Includes 4 brown and wild rice or steamed jasmine rice) with a sharing box of handmade vegetable spring rolls plus a large bag of Thai prawn crackers. All of this for just €40. Order HERE

In Thailand, food is the focal point of any social occasion. Sometimes the food turns into the social occasion itself. This is mainly down to the way food is ordered in Thailand.

For us Irish, a restaurant meal generally consists of a starter then the main course and dessert. And everyone is very protective of “their” dinner. This is mine and you can’t have some ;)

In Thailand, As a general rule, people order the same number of dishes as there are people eating. However, all dishes are shared and enjoyed together. We love this idea. We at Camile are all about sitting down together and enjoying each other’s company over food.

So get the family together or some friends over and enjoy this great way of eating together tonight.